Strategic Planning

A mission-focused, scientific method to select the right initiative every time

We understand sacrifice and trade-offs

That’s why our approach to strategic planning prioritizes your labor and opportunity costs while laying out realistic and feasible courses of action for your organization. Entegrit’s strategic planning practice blends three key methodologies along with our military expertise. We also offer the implementation capabilities to help your organization evaluate the strategy, manage changes, and realize expected benefits.


Our Experience in Strategic Planning: Will Woldenberg has developed and led strategic planning initiatives within the United States Army, for three nonprofit organizations, and within the telecom and utility sectors. Will earned a masters of science in strategic management from the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University and has performed strategic and academic course work in China and South Africa, in addition to the United States.

How We Do It

  • We guide your team to understand needed and unnecessary changes in the existing company strategy.
  • We will help ensure that the potential transformation fits within your organization’s tolerance for change.
  • With our clients, we utilize a scientific method to evaluate options and to select the right strategic decision.
  • We also offer to implement the strategy while managing the organizational transformation.
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