Our Core Values & Beliefs

If you visited the websites of 100 consulting firms, most of them would state that they’re a “different kind of consulting company.” In many cases, those companies are referring to the knowledge, skills and talent of their people. Just like these firms, I envision that Entegrit will be filled with knowledgeable, skilled and motivated employees.

But I believe a company should be more than experience and intelligence. I believe that companies have a societal obligation to improve the community in and around where they operate.

What sets Entegrit apart from our competitors is a shared belief that a values-driven professional services firm staffed with diverse, local talent can make an immediate impact on our neighborhoods.

I started this company because I believe that business has a responsibility to the community. Through our partnerships with our clients, we can change our cities one community at a time.

We believe our people are the key to fulfilling this social obligation. And our people exhibit our core four values and beliefs.

Entegrit has four principal values: family, grit, integrity, & judgement.

Entegrit is also driven by a set of four core beliefs:

  • We believe it is our responsibility to strengthen the disadvantaged areas of the cities we work in through economic development.
  • Client service comes first. We build our relationships with people by focusing on their outcomes, maintaining their trust and providing value early.
  • Our employees never stop training. We prioritize life-long learning that is employee led & directed.
  • We empower our employees to lead, to listen and to succeed.

If you share our values and our beliefs, we’re excited to work with you. Visit the “Let’s Talk” page to see how we can help or to see how you can join the Entegrit team.