Organizational Transformation

Effective communications, training, and initiative management to produce expected benefits

Preparing, managing, and reinforcing the benefits of change through a blended methodology.

Sometimes referred to as “change management,” our approach to organizational transformation is focused on the people in your company that are most impacted by the expected change. We transform your strategic initiatives into implementation, while ensuring organization buy-in.

We get this buy-in through prioritizing impactful and essential communications, by ensuring that your leadership represents the change, and most importantly, by ensuring that all employees are treated with the respect and honor that they deserve.


Our Experience: Will Woldenberg has been leading and managing change initiatives in the private and public sectors for more than a decade. A PROSCI Certified Change Practitioner & Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP), he utilizes his expertise as a Public Affairs Officer in the U.S. Army Reserve to develop effective & comprehensive messaging that resonates with employees, customers, and stakeholders.

We utilize our comprehensive SPACE methodology for all transformation initiatives:

  • Start– Develop the case and need for change, ensuring that leadership is appropriately communicating immediately
  • Plan– Developing needed people, processes, tech, and sponsors
  • Apply– Reduce the initial pain of the change through reinforced messaging and creative training
  • Change– Modify to achieve the benefits of the changes
  • End– Determine if benefits have been realized and next steps
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