Leadership that ensures successful portfolio, program, & project management

Effective implementation is more than just project management.

It’s a holistic overview of your organization’s implementation capabilities. It’s a review of the strengths and weaknesses that make your company unique, with an evaluation on how they can best be exploited for successful implementation. It’s consistent and purposeful communications, with a focus on mission intent that defines effective implementation.


Our Experience: An expert in portfolio, program and project management, Will Woldenberg has led diverse teams with multimillion dollar projects to successful client outcomes. Throughout his career, he has led projects and programs for renewable energy companies, professional sports teams, utilities, the defense department, nonprofits, and not-for-profit organizations. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and has studied a variety of project management methodologies including Agile, PRINCE2 and RUP.

At Entegrit, we believe that all implementation methodologies simply boil down to a five-word acronym: SPACE

  • START – receive your strategic initiative & assemble the team
  • PLAN – determine all required management tools and templates
  • APPLY – execute your plans
  • CHANGE – implement any contingency scenarios and evaluate efficacy
  • END– conduct an effective after-action review and transition to operations

Together, we’ll help you cut out the complexity, reduce the variables, and create an effective culture of portfolio, program, and project management.

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