Entegrit is proud to welcome Dana Rae Goldstein to our team as a Staff Assistant!

A graduate of Oberlin College, Dana led research utilizing social psychology to increase net recycling and proper recycling habits in campus housing. Her paper on this work won the American Psychological Association Undergraduate Research Award from the Society for Environmental Population & Conservation Psychology. She also developed a reusable takeout container program that reduced purchasing costs, the creation of waste, and the College’s overall carbon footprint. After studying College lighting systems, she received a grant to replace CFL bulbs with LEDs at an expected return on the investment of $77,000. Her combined work earned her the R. H. Stetson Award in Applied Psychology.

During her internship at Strauss Paper Company, she analyzed natural gas usage, electricity consumption, distribution routes, employee commuting, purchasing, water usage, and waste production. After analyzing questionnaires and interviews, she created an effective plan for reducing all of these carbon-emitting aspects of business, including education and engagement of staff. Prior to joining Entegrit, Dana worked in TV & film production, focused on waste reduction and energy efficiency for broadcast prime-time productions in New York City.

Dana has already hit the ground running, and we look forward to her bright future as she grows with the company. Please join us in welcoming Dana to the team!