Public Speaking

A program that delivers impactful and effective messaging

Public speaking is an opportunity.

Public speaking is an opportunity. Entegrit can help you make the most of that prospect by helping guide you in delivering an impactful message that resonates with the audience.


Our Experience: Will Woldenberg has been fortunate enough to deliver dozens of compensated and uncompensated public speeches, lectures, and interviews in his military and professional career. A graduate of the Department of Defense’s Public Affairs Qualification Course, he mentored junior officers to more effectively deliver TV & radio interviews and to efficiently conduct press conferences. Will is also available for public speaking opportunities on military & veteran topics, as well as any fields of study offered by Entegrit, such as strategy and implementation.

We offer coaching and guidance on the following types of public communications:

  • Speech writing & delivery
  • Lectures (including panel discussions)
  • News conferences
  • Interviews (Video & Radio, including podcasts and TV live-remote)


Our public speaking services will simulate the environment of your speech, record and evaluate your delivery, identify and correct fixable issues, and provide you with the confidence to positively impact your audience.