Process Design/Redesign

Lean Six Sigma leadership that empowers a culture of continuous improvement

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Continuous improvement is a staple of lean process design, which prioritizes customer value while reducing waste. At Entegrit, continuous improvement serves as one of our core four beliefs (hyperlink to section). We believe that even the best processes and procedures need the occasional review to determine if improvements are necessary.


Other Experience: Will earned his Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (CLSSBB) from Villanova University in 2015. In his professional career, he has designed and reformed dozens of processes for clients in the utility, health care, technology, nonprofit and defense sectors. He primarily focuses on customer process management, acquisitions and IT systems design.

Will Woldenberg has spent much of his career developing efficient processes and procedures, beginning when, as a teenager working at Publix Supermarkets, he developed a more efficient customer service process for cigarette ordering.

  • Will was responsible for designing and redesigning contingency operations for the largest military base in Iraq.
  • Will designed complex back-office processes for secure customer data transfers during a time-of-use electric rate between a utility and electric supplier.
  • Will has designed the customer-focused software design for utilities utilizing gas-pipeline expansion and customer acquisition services.