Organizational Transformation

Effective, measured communications for stability & enthusiasm

It is easier for employees to transform the business, than for the company to change the person

Sometimes referred to as “change management,” our approach to organizational transformation is focused on the people in your company that are most impacted by the expected change. We transform your strategic initiatives into implementation, while ensuring organization buy-in.

We get this buy-in through prioritizing impactful and essential communications, by ensuring that your leadership represents the change, and most importantly, by ensuring that all employees are treated with the respect and honor that they deserve.


Our Experience: Will Woldenberg first learned the concept of “organizational transformation” while an MBA student at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. He took the concepts learned there into his consulting practice, where he quickly gained recognition as an expert in change and communications. He has managed and implemented change initiatives within the utility sector and within the military.

We believe that most organizational transformations follow a five-step process:

  • Plan – Like planning in implementation (link), develop all change tools & templates
  • Communicate – Effective communications occur throughout the transformation
  • Acceptance – Organization approval of the concepts presented by leadership
  • Apply – Stick with the program throughout the difficulties of implementation
  • Maintain – Ensure that the organization understands the created benefits